Blanket Restoration Repair

  • Continuity of strong restorative property.
  • Restoration ranges of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm in depth are considered to be suitable to counter impression.
  • Solid swell is available part by part under proper application.
  • Cost savings of blanket through prolonging life by application of low cost Blapon.

Ultra Wax

Prevent Ink Set-off on Impression Cylinder

  • Can be applied to the surface of cylinders, guide rolls and machine frames.
  • The treated area will not accept ink, gum and spray powder for a long time period.
  • After coated with Ultra Wax, ink can easily wiped off when it is wet.
  • In case with Perfector press, coating with Ultra Wax gives outstanding effects both in quality printing and timesaving.

Cylinder Polish

Powerful Cleaner on Impression Cylinder

  • Quickly removes stubborn ink deposits and paper dusts on impression cylinder.
  • Abrasive type cleaner that can quickly removes ink deposits and paper dusts that cannot be dissolved with the conventional cleaner.

Deletion Pen

Removes Unwanted Images on Plates

  • Powerfully removes the unwanted images on dry surface or wet surface.
  • Effective solely to the photo resists without attacking the aluminum base and leaves no traces of deleted area.
  • With its optimal amount of fluid induced from the special pen-tip, it removes only unwanted images without blurring.
  • Can be used on Positive, Negative, CTP and Thermal Plates.


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